Reef Resilience Symposium

16–18 April 2024

Great Barrier Reef  |  Cairns, Australia

Join us for the most important conference on reefs in 2024

As the world races to slow global heating by reducing carbon emissions, coral reefs around the world are already struggling to cope with the rate of environmental change. Ignoring their decline is not an option. How can we best support the resilience of these ecosystems, and the communities that depend on them, in the coming decades?
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Save the date

16-18 April

Make sure you're available to attend, in-person or online.
  • Pre-conference workshops on Monday, 15 April
  • Public information evening on Thursday, 18 April
  • Reef field trips on Friday, 19 April

Working together to meet challenges

This Symposium will enable reef stewards of all kinds – practitioners, managers, researchers, engineers, Traditional Owners, industry leaders – to share and discuss recent events, new knowledge and innovations, and how we might work more effectively to meet current and future challenges.

Online and in-person

This is a FREE event made possible by generous organisers and funding from the Australian Government.


Speaker registrations OPEN NOW

Registration for symposium speakers and invited guests is currently open. Registrations for virtual attendance by the public will open at a later date.

Abstract submissions NOW CLOSED

All abstracts and talks must use plain language for a general audience. All talks will be 15 minutes long (12 minutes + 3 minutes for questions).


Reef and Rainforest Research Centre
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority
Reef and Rainforest Research Centre
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Australian Institute or Marine Science
James Cook University
Queensland University of Technology
The University of Queensland
Reef Ecologic

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