Adaptation, aquaculture, and genetic tools

April 18, 2024


10:00 am
12:15 pm
Reef Room
Carly Kenkel
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Genetics and aquaculture have emerged as critical areas of innovation to support reef protection and restoration at scale. Genetic tools can be used to detect coral-feeding pests and develop new biocontrol methods, while also helping to understand and enhance the adaptation and survival of reef-building corals. In complement to this, new aquaculture systems are being developed to reliably grow corals in captivity at low cost and rear broodstock to improve the survival of corals released into the wild. Presentations within this session will describe new innovations in genetics and aquaculture, including emerging approaches for selective breeding and coral propagation, as well as genetic methods for detection and control of coral pests. Topics in this session will also provide insight into the capacity for corals to adapt to ocean warming and methods for enhancing their thermal tolerance.

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