Managing risks, obtaining social license, and driving policy change

April 18, 2024


10:00 am
2:50 pm
Urchins Room
Rachel Pears
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The Great Barrier Reef exists as a cultural landscape that extends beyond its biophysical features. The use of active interventions for management of the GBR, and reefs globally, requires careful consideration of the risks, benefits and opportunities of each action. Engagement with rights-holders and the public, along with robust governance, is critical to achieving successful implementation. Presentations within this session will explore policy dimensions and stakeholder perceptions of existing and emerging restoration and management actions, and describe ecological, social, cultural and economic risk assessments that unpack the spatial and social distribution of associated opportunities, risks and benefits associated with management actions. Topics will also include comprehensive and context-dependent consideration of the trade-offs between the risks and benefits of reef interventions to better inform policy development and decision making by managers and regulators.

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