Resilience based management: 2030 and beyond

April 17, 2024


10:00 am
2:50 pm
Urchins Room
Mike Runge
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The escalating threat of climate change to coral reefs and coastal communities has driven a shift in management toward approaches that actively build the resilience of ecosystems and the people that depend on them. Resilience-based management identifies and prioritises actions that reduce local threats and promote the recovery and sustainability of social, cultural and ecological systems. Presentations in this session will provide examples of how resilience-based management is being practiced in Australia and around the world, by reef managers, First Nations peoples, local communities and governments. Topics in this session will also highlight a range of new and emerging methods (e.g. fisheries management, COTS control, larval reseeding) that can be integrated to build resilience, and will consider the planning and prioritisation frameworks that help to strike the balance between conservation and commercial, cultural, and recreational use of reef systems.

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