Dr Line Bay

Australian Institute of Marine Science

Research Program Director – Reef Recovery, Adaptation and Restoration
RRAP – Past, present, and future


Currently Research Director of the Reef Recovery, Adaptation and Restoration Program at the Australian Institute of Marine Science (AIMS), Line joined AIMS in 2011 as a Research Scientist.  

With over two decades of professional experience, spanning genetics, ecology and evolution research, science leadership, environmental management, and knowledge exchange, Line’s overarching professional interest and expertise is in coral reef ecology and evolution.  

Line leads a team focused on understanding coral reproduction and aquaculture, natural and assisted evolution on reefs and new technologies for understanding coral ecology and evolution at scale and has produced ground-breaking insights into the potential of corals to adapt to climate change and the feasibility of assisted adaptation.  She has co-authored more than 65 peer-reviewed papers, reports and book chapters, with publication in high impact journals and broad popular and social media interest.

As the current lead of the CORDAP funded landscape study on natural and assisted evolution of reef building corals, Dr Bay also led and authored the coral theme in the RRAP concept feasibility study, was an invited expert for the US NASEM study, and has been a RRAP Sub Program leader (Coral Aquaculture and Deployment and Enhanced Corals and Treatments) since 2019.