Dr Mark Gibbs

Reef Restoration and Adaptation Program

Principal Systems Engineer
Research and tourism partnerships


Dr Mark Gibbs has 4 decades of international experience in developing and leading marine conservation, management and capacity building programs and continues to participate in the marine tourism industry as a vessel master.

Originally trained as a coastal engineer and in maritime operations, Mark’s work has been conducted in a number of coastal regions in low and high-income nation contexts globally. Based in South-East Queensland, Mark works out of an office in QUT but is also affiliated with multiple universities including Griffith and JCU.

Mark currently leads the RRAP translation to Deployment Sub-Program and is responsible for developing and planning the forthcoming Pilot Deployments Program. This new program will deliver a step-change in the numbers of corals delivered to the GBR. Mark also leads, with Peter Harison from SCU, the Whitsundays Boats4Corals capacity building project which trains local tourism operators and Traditional Owners in larval restoration methods.